Chrashing is unfortunately part of Mountainbiking. Usually, rider and bike wont get damaged seriously, but sometimes not.

In these cases strong impacts on the material can cause major defects. The  regual warranty doesn't cover those defects. That's why we offer our Crash-Replacement program. It's limited to 5 years after purchase and allows to get a reasonable priced replacement after a hard crash.

Important information for Crash-Replacement


The product needs to be registered withing 5 days after purchase.

Who can benefit from this:

This program is for the first owner only and is limited to parts which are critically damaged. Sixpack-Racing reserves the right to decline this service in case of willful caused damage. Wear and tear is not covered under Crash-Replacement.

What is the price of Crash-Replacement:

After we have aproved the Crash-Replacement for your broken product, we offer 40% discount on a new or equal product to you.


Product Registration

Apply for Replacement